About Bima

BIMA is the leading provider of mobile-delivered insurance and health services in emerging markets.

BIMA Ghana since its inception in August 2010 continues to offer simple and affordable life, accident and health insurance services.

Our groundbreaking model combines the power of mobile technology with a unique agent-led approach to consumer education to bring insurance to emerging markets

BIMA established the mobile-delivered insurance model. Here customers can register for an insurance policy via their mobile handset and pay for cover through deduction of prepaid airtime credit, or through their postpaid bills. We developed an industry leading pay-as-you-go (‘PAYG’) insurance product that is the first of its kind in most markets. We are bringing the BIMA approach to healthcare, with the introduction of BIMA mobile health services.

A large part of our business is driven by partnerships but we are rapidly expanding our BIMA-branded portfolio, in which we sell products directly to consumers.

We have disrupted the traditional insurance industry and allowed millions of low-income families to access insurance for the first time.

How we help

We offer a range of services that help customers manage their own health. We educate customers through tailored health programmes. We provide unlimited access to qualified doctors. We support with medication advice and discounts to cover costs and if the worst

should happen our insurance policies offer cash back to help cover health expenses.

Our services have a huge difference to the  lives of people across the world.

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