Our products are simple, understandable affordable and easy to access.

We create innovative product to include the underserved market, mostly within the informal sector. Our products are simple, understandable affordable and easy to access. For 75% of our customers this is the first insurance policy they buy outside NHIS.



How It Works

Register your details with a BIMA sales agent and receive a membership card ( keep the card in a safe place )
You will also receive an SMS confirming your registration and then a monthly SMS update from BIMA
To renew your membership contact us on 0277 000 545

To renew your membership contact us on
0277 000 545.

Death / Disability Benefit

Any insured that sustains bodily injuries caused by accidental means resulting in the insured's death or disablement shall be entitled to the cover specified below:

Accidental death, loss of two limbs, both hands, total paralysis and permanently bedridden, loss of both eyes (GHs 5,000).
Loss of limb, one hand (loss of at least four fingers on one hand), partial paralysis, loss off one eye, loss of speech (GHs 2,500).
Loss of finger/thumb/ toe (GHs 100 per digit, at least one phalanx).

Hospitalization from an Accident benefit

This policy pays a fixed amount of GHs 50 per night in the event that the policy holder is admitted to hospital due to accident. Covers from 1st night, up to a maximum of 30 nights in a calendar year:

Terms & Conditions

Commencement Date: Cover starts immediately upon registration and payment of all premiums.

Claims: You have to report a claim within 90 days of the accident or hospital discharge. Payment will be made upon receipt of required document:

Identification Document: Voters ID, NHIS, Passport, or Driver's License. Plus your Insurance Membership Card.

For accidental Disability/Death: Police report, Doctor's note, and pictures to show disability. Plus death certificate and ID of beneficiary in case of accidental death.

For Hospitalization due to an Accident: Any one of the following showing date of admission/discharge and reason for admission, endorsed by a Doctor from an NHIS-accredited hospital: Excuse note, Discharge notice or signed BIMA claims form.

Beneficiary: In the event of death of the insured benefit shall be paid to the policyholder's legal personal representative

Age: The minimum age of entry is 18 years and there is no maximum age limit.

Exclusion: No payment shall be made if the accident was directly or indirectly occasioned or accelerated:

a.   While the Insured is under the influence of intoxicants or drugs or insanity,

b.  Due to the Insured’s wilful exposure to peril, self-inflicted injury, or criminal act,

c.  By medical or surgical treatment,

d.  By war, invasion act of foreign enemy hostilities, civil war rebellion, revolution insurrection, military or usurped power riot or civil commotion.

e.  By any physical defect or infirmity that existed prior to the accident