Our clients often live on less than GHs 1,000 per month and are at high risk of illness and injury. Insurance is a powerful tool that can prevent families from falling back into poverty, to problems and unforeseen expenses. Barriers to access include financial education, cost, distribution and pay.

USE OF MOBILE TECHNOLOGY creates an opportunity to revolutionize financial services in emerging markets. OUR GOAL IS harness that power to reach marginalized families in the world

We believe that each customer deserves the choice, value and quality of service, regardless of their income level. Our policies start from just GHs 6 for a three months insurance cover. We pay our claims within 72 hours after a client files the required documentation.

We do not rely on technology alone to boost distribution, combined with consumer education. Over 95% of our recordings are made by BIMA agent.
We create positive social impact beyond our customers. We invest heavily in the development of our workforce and help local economies to flourish.
We forge long-term partnerships which offer real value. Our relations are based on common goals that provide lasting benefits to our partners and customers.

Our customers receive the insurance money and we are there when they need it
~ HUGO OLBORT, Sales Supervisor


We think big and start small

We are a global business but we still have an ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit.
We start small, we TEST our ideas and trial product in small pilots.
We adapt our processes and approach to PERFECT the model.
Then we GROW it quickly to take full advantage of the opportunity


Every single interaction is a chance to demonstrate and earn respect

Respect our CUSTOMERS by being polite and patient.
Respect BIMA: arrive on time, wear the correct uniform and be careful with company property.
Earn respect from TEAM by being kind and sensitive when discussing ways in which we are different e.g. religion
Earn respect of our PARTNERS by being professional.


We encourage every member of the team to take ownership of our business

Every one of us has the potential to impact the business. We REWARD team members who are creative, ambitious and passionate in their jobs.
PITCH your ideas – improve as you see a way we can change processes and reduce costs or save time.
SHARE experiences and insight with the wider teams – tell your teammates if you have found an effective way to pitch, upsell and close.
TAKE THE INITIATIVE – if you see an opportunity for a new partnership or a way that we can increase sales, take it to your manager